AN INSTITUTIONAL COMPLIANCE PROGRAM is designed to reduce the potential for any deliberate or intentional act of fraud and/or abuse to occur in documenting or billing for professional and technical services through compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Procedural Coders Institute has the ability to develop, implement and monitor compliance programs. This includes:

  • Writing Compliance policies and procedures.
  • Training and educating employees about compliance, which will include the new HIPAA guidelines that takes affect April 14, 2003.
  • Monitoring and reviewing compliance and procedures to be sure that employees understand and are following the policies and procedures in the their daily job activities.
  • Developing, implementing and monitoring other compliance activities such as including compliance on employee job performance and exit interviews.
  • Encourage the open door policy. That is, encouraging employees to report any potential compliance problem.

Compliance programs are voluntary, but billing regulations are MANDITORY. Effective compliance programs can help an organization monitor that the billing regulations are being followed.


  • Reduced risk of fraud and abuse.
  • Promoting good business practice.
  • To protect the institution.
  • The presents of a Compliance Program can reduce penalties if found guilty of violating federal laws.


  • To recoup additional Reimbursement through correct billing procedures.


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